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 The Visual Genomics Centre (VGC), Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary, is an innovative, non-profit organization that contributes toward numerous cutting edge initiatives that develop advanced technology in computational biology. These initiatives are revolutionizing the field of bioinformatics and include: 

Dr. Christoph Sensen in the CAVE

2D Bioinformatics - The VGC is funded by Genome Alberta to enhance MAGPIE and further develop Bluejay - two genome annotation systems that are used worldwide to automatically annotate a large number of completed and partial genomes.

 3D and 4D Bioinformatics - Our latest research direction is to elucidate the causes of genetic disease using visual data exploration. We have expanded our 3D work to 4D, meaning four dimensional - with the fourth dimension being time. This is enabling us to analyse spatio-temporal patterns in genomic data and model this data (as well as the effects of change in data) in a virtual reality atlas of the human body or virtual reality atlases of other organisms. This exciting initiative uses the world's first Java 3DTM-enabled CAVE® (CAVE Automated Virtual Environment - developed at the VGC) as a visualization tool for Bioinformatics research and development. 

 High Performance Computing (HPC) Resources - Dedicated computing resources such as a TimeLogic DeCypher that significantly accelerates computationally intensive bioinformatics algorithms.


CAVE at the VGC


A pivotal feature of the COE is a fully immersive (walk in) CAVE Automated Virtual Environment consisting of four projection walls. This Java 3D technology-enabled CAVE® – a first in the world – immerses scientists in three-dimensional models of biological systems, including cells, tissues and entire organisms.




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