XML for Molecular Biology as compiled by Paul Gordon

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For my past and present research work, please see my homepage.
My most current work on XML in Bioinformatics integration is Moby Web Services creation tool called Daggoo.

I've collected here a list of XML resources that may be of use to the bioinformatician. If you have anything to add, or any comments/corrections, please don't hestitate to contact me (gordonp@ucalgary.ca).

Some XML definitions, mostly with implementations

Note that local copies of DTDs are not necessarily the most recent versions.


Protein Specific



Expression (old, many supplanted by GEML)





This section needs a lot of work. Please mail me with your findings!

XML data on the Web

XML development tools

The Perl and Biology XML community

XML reference materials (local)

Please note that it is ill advised to base software on W3C reports until they are recommendations. So far there are five.

Paul Gordon
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