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The Visual Genomics Centre operates and maintains centralized visualization resources which deliver high performance and scalability to researchers across Canada - aiding in collaboration, simulation and discovery.  The image below shows an overview of the visualization environment at the VGC.

Overview of COE Visualization Environment

CAVE Server

The CAVE is powered by a Sun Fire v880z featuring four 1.2GHz UltraSPARC III+ CPUs, 32GB of main memory, six 72GB internal disk drives, and dual XVR-4000 graphics accelerators. Video Display Extension (VDE) Systems uplink the server to the CAVE from a distance of over 70m (230ft).

Visualization Servers 

The visualization servers consist of two Sun Fire v440 servers each with four 1.6GHz UltraSPARC III+ CPUs, 16GB of main memory, four 73GB internal disk drives, and dual XVR-1200 graphics cards. These servers use the Sun Visualization System Software which enables end users to share powerful centralized compute / graphics resources right from their desktop. Users simply connect to these servers via Sun Ray , SSH or Secure Global Desktop and begin rendering their large data sets without needing any special hardware or software.

VRCO Full Circle Portable Display Unit

The VRCO Full Circle portable display unit is a front projected, passive stereo visualization environment. It consists of two projectors, a portable screen, workstation and passive stereo glasses - which we use for demonstrating and sharing our research with others. Most notably, the VRCO Full Circle portable display unit has been used to showcase CAVEman at the Telus World of Science and Sun Executive Briefing Center.



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