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The Visual Genomics Centre (VGC) takes great pride in the superior skills of its diverse team of  people.  Areas of specialization for staff members span a variety of disciplines, including Biology, Fine Arts, IT Services, Communications, and other Science.  The strengths that each staff member brings to the table serves to compliment the highly efficient and achievement oriented team dynamic.  As the VGC team consists primarily of Post-Doctoral Research Associates, expertise and competence in performance is key to our success.  

The Visual Genomics Centre emphasizes two leading edge technologies: the bioinformatics platform and the 4-D cave environment.  The VGC provides instruction and access to time-saving and sophisticated general purpose bioinformatics software, storage, and hardware through the cutting edge bioinformatics platform.  Furthermore, the VGC facilitates 3-dimensional temporal and spatial visualization of genetic and biomedical data through the state-of-the-art 4-D cave environment.  These services collectively are designed for researchers engaged with advanced analysis of biomedical and molecular biology research.  


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